How To Attend Turkey Photo Tours

My answer is simple also. Anyone who has passion and enthusiasm for photography and who want to carry their photographical knowledge and experience to further is welcome to our Turkey Photo Tours. Your enthusiasm for photography and for lifestyles and for different lands is far more important than your level of expertise.

If you have passion for photography, enthusiastic in learning about different cultures, peoples and different lifestyles or if you want to discover new landscapes and photograph all these, then you are very welcome to our Turkey photo tours.

A young boy selling spinning tops in Istanbul streets.

Of course we expect you to have some basic knowledge about photography. You will get the most out of our Turkey photo tours/workshops if you understand the basic functions of a camera and wants to take your images to the next level.

Our Turkey photo tours/workshops will give you the opportunity to see and experience the rural life in inlands of Turkey and meet with locals in their daily routines. You will be amazed by the incredible landscapes this land shows and at the same time you will meet with photographers from different cultures.

All professional and amateur photographers or photography enthusiasts interested in taking photography seriously. No Age limit/ No Qualifications / No prerequisite except interest,passion and enthusiasm for photography.

Turkey Photo Tours, Photography Workshops with Enis Yücel

We promise you that you will find more of the below in our Turkey Photo Tours.

  • you would like to get a lot of individual instruction (small groups 7-8 attendees per instructor)
  • you would like to return back home with nice photographs and motivation as well as knowledge
  • you are interested in visiting a particular location with someone who knows the best time times
  • you would like to fire your interest in photography
  • you would like to photograph with other photographers
  • you would like to spend time in a beautiful location as a relief of the stress of everyday life


This section is about a rough plan of how we manage our workshops. You can find the detailed itinerary in the related workshop pages. In our workshops we usually meet with our guests a night prior to the first day of the workshop in our hotel we accommodate and have a dinner together and know each other.

We get up early in the mornings to catch the sunrise and after shooting in the field for a few hours we return back to hour hotel for breakfast and you will have a free time to transfer your photographs and for resting.

Afternoon sessions usually starts after the lunch and ends when the sky turns totally to black after sunset. In some days we can have special evenings depending on the type of the workshop (i.e. whirling dervishes dance night) so our plan may differ for those nights.
Our aim is to show you variety of techniques— both in the field and in the discussions — that will allow you to advance both your technical skills and artistic vision. We focus on a number of professional field techniques to help you create dramatic and stronger nature images, including:

  • How to work with dramatic light, including sunrise and sunset
  • The fundamentals of strong photographic compositions
  • Abstract techniques for creating artistic photographs


To apply our workshops just download our application form, fill out the necessary fields and return it back to me . After we receive your application form we will send you a detailed workshop information document together with your registration form. You can then find all the necassary information to book your spot in the workshop you want to attend. Also we highly suggest you to read our  “Terms & Conditions”


Reservation & Payment

We require a deposit of 25% of the purchased package to complete booking process. Deposit is non-refundable. Deposits should be sent no later than 5 days after the completed registration form. We will then e-mail you the confirmation letter. The balance is due 8 weeks (60 days) before the start date. If the balance does not reach us by the date specified in our confirmation, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled.

If you are booking within eight weeks of the start date, please make payment in full with your completed booking form. All participants booking with Orient Exposures are fully protected for the initial deposit and subsequently the balance of all money paid to us, arising from cancellation or curtailment of your travel arrangements due to the failure of Orient Exposures.
Once your registration form completed, we will send you an invoice. Our bank account details will be on the invoice for you to submit deposit. Payments can be made by wire transfer or international money transfer.

As soon as the deposit for your workshop has been received, your place on our workshop is reserved. The deposit is non-refundable. Full payment is due 8 weeks (60 days) prior to the starting date of the workshop. Workshops are quoted in Euros and are inclusive of all taxes.

Due to currency fluctuations, or workshops being advertised before the final costs for that year are known, it may be necessary to raise the costs of a workshop at any time before final payment is due, if costs increase beyond our control. An increase in the price shall not be sufficient grounds for any refund already paid for the workshop nor is it accepted as a reason to cancel the workshop. Workshops are offered based on sharing a double room. A single room is often available at extra costs. Bookings are non-transferrable between participants and / or workshops.

Cancellation And Refunds

If you wish to cancel your booking please do so by written (email). The date the letter is received will be used to determine whether a refund will be made. Should you need to cancel, the following fees apply:

  • 60 days or more before departure: the fee of your downpayment
  • 59 to 31 days before departure: 40% of workshop fee
  • 30 or fewer days before departure: 100% of workshop fee


Your application serves as a release of our liability and a complete assumption of all risks.


Participants should be in generally good health. Any restrictions of a medical or dietary nature should be made known to us well before departure. We will inform the relevant supplier of your requirements, but we cannot guarantee that all requirements will be met and have no liability to you if they are not met. Vaccinations, visa procurements and all other travel or medically related arrangements are the responsibility of the participant. We advise you to check the latest advice online or consult your health practitioner.

Cancellation By Orient Exposures Or Unforeseen Events

Orient Exposures shall not be held responsible for occurrences that are beyond its control, such as strikes, wars, acts of government, acts of terrorism or any other cause whatsoever, beyond its control, that may make operation of the workshop impossible, illegal or inadvisable. If a workshop is cancelled by Orient Exposures, all workshop payments received will be promptly refunded, and this refund will be the limit of Orient Exposures’s liability. Orient Exposures is not responsible for any expenses incurred by participants in preparing for the workshop, including non-refundable or penalty carrying airline tickets, special clothing, visa or passport fees, or other workshop-related expenses.

Third Parties

During our travels, we use the services from various suppliers. Orient Exposures is not an owner of these companies nor do we operate them or are they our employees. This means that Orient Exposures cannot be held responsible for any negligent or willful act or failure to act of any supplier or of any third party. By utilizing the travel services of the suppliers, you agree that you will look to such suppliers for any accident, injury, property damage, or personal loss to you or to those travelling with you, and that Orient Exposures shall not be liable.


We travel in small groups, which gives us the advantage to change the program if a photographic opportunity arises or if local conditions forces us to do so. We reserve the right to change the tour itinerary due to altered circumstances and conditions prior to departure or on location. We will make alternative arrangements as required but no refunds will be given for services that are not utilised as a result. Participants will be notified of any changes as soon as possible. No refund will be made for any unused services that are included in the workshop price. In the unlikely event that the leader(s) of a Orient Exposures Photography Workshop have to cancel due to ill health or for any other reason, we reserve the right to provide a substitute for the workshop. This is no reason to cancel your booking. Participants should also be flexible when it comes to inconveniences caused by local conditions like roads, weather etc. Western standards cannot be guaranteed on all workshops.


All participants are highly recommended to have full travel insurance for the duration of the workshop. Participants are responsible for arranging their own insurance, which should cover at least medical expenses, injury, death and repatriation. In addition you should be insured against loss of or damage to baggage and personal possessions including all your camera equipment.

Personal items and baggage remain at all times the responsibility of the customer. In addition responsibility must be accepted for any equipment loaned to you, and you must agree to pay for any loss or damage caused to this equipment while in your care.

Orient Exposures does not accept responsibility for any loss of valuables, including camera equipment, during a course or workshop. It is your own responsibility to make international flight arrangements and access to the workshop destination. Orient Exposures cannot take responsibility for changes or alterations to any flights.

Age Restrictions

We are unable to accept bookings from persons under 18 years old.


If you should have a complaint about the workshop, it must be made in writing (email) and received by Orient Exposures within fourteen days of the end of the workshop. By signing the booking form, you are agreeing to accept these Terms and Conditions. The person signing the form does so on behalf of all the other individuals included on it, so that all are bound by the booking conditions.


Participants are not allowed to organize, host, promote or sell photo workshops, tours or workshops to locations they visited with Orient Exposures, within 5 years of joining a workshop. In case of violation, a penalty of 25.000 EURO per year is applicable.