What they say about our photo workshops

One of the greatest things about dealing with photography is that its a visual tool for us to express our feelings, opinions, ideas or whatever we want to share with the viewers and establish a communication. But here in this page we wanted to share with you the experiences our workshop participants had when they joined us in our tours.

So here are the photo workshop testimonials of our past participants. Once again we thank them for sharing their thoughts and allowing us to share with you.


“Best experience of our trip!”
We’ve been on three different kinds of tours whilts visiting Istanbul but our walking photography tour with Enis was by far the most informaive and fun out of all of them.

Enis not only has a vast amount of knowlage about photography, but also the streets, lifestyle and history of Istanbul. He took us to some places we would probably never have visited or experienced.

Before we started the tour he took us to an amzing little cafe with some great views of Istanbul and the Blue Mosque. There we sat and got to know eachother over a few cups of Turkish tea and coffee. He asked my about my skills and knowledge and what I wanted to gain out of his tour. He showed me a couole of things on my camera that I, before this tour, did not understand.

Enis surely is a very talented photographer but he is also a very interesting person to chat with. If street photograhpy and meeting new, interesting people is your thing, then Enis is the man for you.
You will not be dissapointed!

Thank you Enis for a truly authentic and informative day. We had a great time!

Sue M.Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

“Photo walk with a friend”

I decided to contact Enis, due to the good references, and definitively it was exactly as mentioned. We had two walks with my daughter and son, and was amazing. Walking with Enis, is walking with an old friend, and a good teacher, he has an excellent photographic eye, his clear explanations about photographic techniques were very useful, that was the reason to repeat a second walk, besides a very cold-rainy and windy day, it was awesome. And walking into none crouded streets of the city was very interesting, walking into a classic Istanbul was incredible. And finally the revision of technical details drinking a chai and eating a delicious baklava was a great end of the journey. Very very recommended. Insha Allah we’ll meet again in Istanbul or Mexico my friend Enis.
Carlos, Natalia and Carlos Garcia your mexican friends.

Carlos M.Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“Insightful, fun and I feel that I’ve made a friend for life.”

The walking photography tour with Enis was probably the highlight of my trip to Istanbul. He took us off the beaten track and showed us what Istanbul really looks like on the inner most intimate parts of this beautiful city. The many hours we spent exploring the streets felt like 10 minutes as we listened to his vast knowledge and pretty impressive stories about Turkey’s very rich history. To be honest I really didn’t want it to stop. We said our goodbyes and I felt like I was greeting an old friend. Truly an unforgettable experience.

Christoff S.Cape Town,South Africa

When I arrived in Istanbul, i had originally planned just to walk around the city, but soon realised there was so much to see that i would have ended up just at the tourist sites. Having contacted Enis we arranged to meet and the day with Enis exceeded all of my expectations. i wanted to see the Istanbul with eyes of local, the best locations for shots and I got all of that and more. It was such a relaxed and chilled out day by the end of it I felt Enis and myself had been long lost friends. I would recommend Enis to anyone visiting Istanbul.

Inga M.Riga, Latvia

“An unforgettable tour through Istanbul ”

I went on this tour with my norwegian photo-class. Enis, our guide, took us through the hidden paths of Istanbul. We saw great attractions, both touristic and local places. We got very good constructive feedback on our pictures. I, personally, learned alot this one day, and saw and experienced lots of places in this beautiful city. I would recommend this photo-tour to everyone interested in learning how to take very good photographs. We had most focus on street-photography, which was very funny to learn. It’s something I’ve never done before, and it was a great experience. This tour was my highlight on the whole trip we had too Turkey, and I would love to come back and do the hole tour all over again.

Helene A.Sogndalsfjøra, Norway

Our daily photography workshop started with an easygoing enjoying meeting and we met with the group while enjoying our tea. Our workshop leader Enis gave us hints and tips starting with photography techniques. Although the photography skills of the participants were different Enis spend time for each of us and answered our questions one by one and also he showed the answers in practice. That way we learned how to properly use our camera and practiced the basic composition techniques and this made us to understood the details much better. Since me and my wife were just beginners and didn’t have much knowledge about photography techniques we were a little bit nervous about what we will experience and how it will come out but after starting the workshop we had so much fun time and had a enjoing day. We absolutely recommend the daily workshop and hoping to meet in the next one.

Sibel & Oğuz A.IstanbulTurkey

I learned about the street photo tour from Enis and thought it’d be a wonderful way to explore Istanbul since I was visiting this fascinating city for the first time and I love photography.  Our group met on a Saturday morning at a lovely café by the Sultanahmet Square, and there Enis started with a short but helpful lesson on the basics of photography and camera operation.  We also enjoyed getting to know everyone in our group over breakfast then.  Enis knew Istanbul very well and during the entire day he led us thru some of the most interesting and diverse areas of Sultanahmet, which was the oldest historicpart of the city, and arguably the most beautiful and photogenic part of Istanbul.  We walked through plazas, markets, mosques, and many other kinds of places in between.  There were plenty of great photo opportunities throughout the day, and we did make many stops for our cameras.  We also made stops for relaxing lunch and teabreaks, which complemented the long day of walking very well.  Enis was always patient and helpful in guiding us, explaining things and answering questions, and we all very much enjoyed the day together as a group of photographers taking photos of the beautifulcityscapes.  Thank you, Enis, for a truly lovely day!

Soo-Hwa YuanSan Francisco USA

So it was my first photo workshop, street photo expedition and sure enough will not be the last. From the great technical assistance and street photo advice, we had the time to learn while having fun in this amazing city. Our guide showed great knowledge not only about photography and the most interesting spots in the area, but also how to aproach our photo subjects and the results were great. Have to thank Enis for the advice and patience he showed, so necessary for us to get at ease and wait for the right click moment and also for us to admire the passion he has about his city and photography in general. In balance it was a nice day passed between friends that share same passion. Looking forward for the next opportunity.

Jose De AlmeidaSetubalPortugal

Except the cold weather it was a wonderful day. To be honest, I was not sure that the workshop would be that fun and useful for me. The highlight for me was to be able to practice the new things I learned right away and to be able to see what are the other possibilities and what more can be done by using those techniques better and better. From techniques to the in depth features of my camera I learned a lot and realized that there are much more things in the streets which I never thought of. At the end of the day what I liked most was to realized that actually there are so much things going around which can come out as very good images. Thank you Enis for letting me have this experience.

Özlem Ç.IstanbulTurkey

As a solo tourist with limited time in Istanbul, the photo tour gave me the opportunity to quickly navigate Istanbul and find interesting spots to photograph. Oytun is an experienced and professional photographer who is very willing to share his knowledge and experience on anything related to photography-techniques. Personally, I would skip the 2-hour boat trip and spend more time on land getting up close and personal to the people and architectural details as Istanbul. I recommend the tour, especially in warmer weather than in January! Also, communication with Enis to book the tour was exceptional. He was very responsive to my questions and very helpful in setting up a highly personalized tour. Thanks for everything.Traci P.

Traci PSeattleUSA

I joined the “Street Photography Workshop” in Istanbul February 2014. It was my first visit to the city, and I thought this place, with the very pulsating life, should be a perfect place to get more experienced in this kind of photography. I was not disappointed – it was a great day, where Enis opened my eyes to see motives I never before has seen as a photographic object. Enis showed us places you never have found by yourself, and he gave very good examples in composition, color and see a situation before it take place, and be prepared for “the shot”.
I can highly recommend this workshop. It is hold in a very friendly atmosphere, where you never find yourself stupid in your lack of experiences – Enis is very patient and helpful. Thank you for a great day.

Vibeke & Albert S.A.CopenhagenDenmark

The workshop was great in all aspects, it offered a great insight on photo techniques, coaching and feedback… Everyday was an adventure and you would look fwd to every new experience… I would highly recommend the workshop… Enis is a very pleasant person and fun to be around…. He has passion for photography and strives to keep it going on by teaching others… As for the workshop expense… Value for money… It was a great deal of all what I’ve learnt which was priceless… Thx Enis, very pleased to have met you 🙂

Dina M.CairoEgypt